Nanoglass Colors

What is nanoglass? Nanoglass is a kind of innovative environmental-friendly glass panel with onyx texture transparency, which is made by sintered composite glass particles under high temperatures. Its internal structure is the coexistence of glass and crystalline. The nano glass slab can be pure white, or with special design veins patterns.

The full body nanoglass is also called nanocrystalline glass plate. As a kind of popular decorative material, it has several advantages as follows.
It does not absorb dirt at all and easy to clean and maintain;
It is a non-radioactive product and an ideal green building material for decoration;
It has the unique high-softness and gorgeous decorative effect of glass-ceramic. Its hardness, wear resistance, surface hardness, flexural strength and other aspects are better than granite and marble;
As an inorganic crystallization material with stable chemical properties, naoglass also contains a glass matrix structure. Its acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance are better than natural stone, especially the weather resistance is more outstanding, and it can withstand long-term chemical changes by wind and sun. It will not fade for weather even when exposed to the sun;
Natural color, crystal clear and transparent, never fade;
Dense structure, uniform crystals, clear texture, and a jade-like feeling. The birth of nanoglass panels provides an ideal decoration and for modern buildings and interior decorations.


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