Jade Glass

Jade Glass is a kind of super glass panel and it is also called super stone, which is sintered by a variety of rock materials placed in a furnace, heated to 1500°C and smelted into magma. After being shaped and cooled, they become stone panels, which are then cut and polished into various required plates with required customed sizes. The jade glass stone has glass textures and a jade stone feeling.

Jade glass have many features like follows
1. Transparent texture. It has crystal clear glass and smooth and natural stone texture. It is different from the crystal structure of ceramics only on the surface. Its transparent crystal structure reflects its noble and elegant quality. The color is clear and delicate, such as gems and jasper, glamorous and charming, and the color matching is ever-changing, whatever you want. Eradicate the broken cracks of natural stone.
2. Zero water absorption, easy to clean. There is no need to worry about freezing damage and the infiltration of rust, concrete mud, and gray pollutants. The phenomenon of stone efflorescence is eradicated, and the dirt attached to the surface can also be easily scrubbed.
3. High strength, green building materials. Crystal jade is harder than natural stone, is not easily damaged, has almost no radioactivity, and does not pollute the environment.
4. Excellent weather resistance and durability. Jade glass has better acid and alkali resistance than granite and marble. Even if it is exposed to wind, rain and air for a long time, it will not cause deterioration, fading, and strength reduction.
5. The kitchen electromagnetic table combines the excellent characteristics of the induction cooker and the crystal jade, adopts a built-in structure, the tabletop is flat and has no traces, no smoke, no open flame, no exhaust gas, environmentally friendly and easy to clean; electrical components have no exposed metal safety design, No leakage.
6. Innovative software environment and microcomputer IGBT high-frequency and high-voltage fuzzy control technology, making the thermal efficiency up to 85% or more, saving power and energy, and original adaptive tracking design. It can be adapted to pots and pans of various shapes and materials, and small objects are not heated.


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