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Aoli stone is born in 2004 as a factory supplier of natural stone and artificial stone, with its headquarter in Shuitou town, where is the capital town of stone industry in China. Insist on the belief and policy that quality comes first, we are now developing into a comprehensive company with several branches, including artificial marble factory, marble processing factory, terrazzo factory, quartz slab factory, countertop factory and Xiamen Aoli trading branch.

Our simple mission is to help architects, distributors, wholesalers, designers or home owners and deliver quality surfaces with reasonable price. Aoli offers the greatest product variety in the market. For natural stone products, we import hundreds of containers per year and manage millions of square meters in stock. Based on good reputation and relations with other China mainland stone quarries, we are able to sent out fabulous China original or imported marble, granite tiles, slabs or other stone material products.

Our team can be described as a vibrant, energetic group full of creative people, working hard on every sectors of our place, managed by some young people who keep up with worldwide construction and decoration trends.

We are well- equipped with many advanced and safe machine groups, including 2 artificial stone making machine, 10 gang-saw machine, 4 polishing lines, several infrared cutting machine, water-jet cutting machine, CNC profile machine etc. With our very large workshop space, block yard and slab warehouse, more than 130,000 square meters, we can ensure that we source out good material, processing skillfully and deliver quality stone products measured by strict inspection system.

Giving the Earth and its people second chances, we set up our artificial marble, terrazzo and quartz production lines, manufacturing and deliver environmental-friendly surfaces and do every little thing we can do to protect our vulnerable and only one earth.

With all these above advantages, we are ready to deliver our quality stone products and detailed services worldwide, if you contact us and tell us your demand today. Our product now includes marble, granite, artificial stone, artificial marble, engineered quartz, terrazzo stone, or porcelain & ceramic tile in the forms of tiles, slab, prefabricated counter tops, mosaics or other deep processing stone products.

Call us for long-term pleased cooperation and we welcome any criticism or suggestions. Choose Aoli stone , business with China will be easy and profitable.



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